Emilplastica S.r.l.

Plastic semi-finished products in Anzola dell'Emilia

Emilplastica Srl was established in 1990 in Anzola dell'Emilia. It was founded as a natural progression of a business initiated in 1960 by Rinaldo Zanicheli, who had been actively involved in the plastic industry for over 30 years.

At Emilplastica, our primary goal is to provide high-performance solutions aimed at enhancing procedural and quality standards. We excel in optimizing production techniques, ensuring prompt order fulfillment, and meticulously selecting processing materials. The collective expertise of our staff, coupled with our commitment to production excellence, has contributed to our regional success. We offer both small and large production capabilities, from small supplies of plastic semi-finished products to substantial contracts, all supported by our guarantee of certified quality.

Emilplastica is dedicated to innovation and technical excellence. In 1997, we achieved ISO 9001 certification for our internal quality management system, ensuring the conformity and quality of our semi-finished products through meticulous monitoring and advanced controls.

Our Working Tools
Our versatility, innovation, and commitment to high-quality plastic processing are exemplified by our modern machine fleet, which includes top-class machines like Engel, Arburg, and HT.