Microelectronics Anzola dell'Emilia

We specialize in producing technical articles for the microelectronics industry, offering solutions like supports for photoelectric cells and grommets.


At Emilplastica, we specialize in plastic molding for the production of technical articles in the field of microelectronics, based in Anzola dell'Emilia.

Our Offering

Through injection molding, we manufacture a diverse range of products, including:
• Supports for photoelectric cells
• Grommets and connectors
• Containers for power supplies and transformers
• Containers and frames for home automation
• Electrical and electronic components such as small parts, wheels, gears, cards, and more
• Valves
• Bushings
• Gaskets
• Under-head washers
• Rubber sealing washers
• Locks and gears

Innovation and Efficiency

We employ highly advanced software and tools in our production processes, catering specifically to the microelectronics industry. Our technical team oversees every aspect of product realization, from initial feasibility analysis and design to final delivery. Our products are certified and guaranteed to meet all necessary compliance criteria, reflecting the commitment to quality that defines our company.

Our Clients

Our customer-oriented approach enables us to accommodate a wide range of requests. We collaborate with companies across various sectors within the industrial supply chain. For these clients, precision-manufactured products, electrical and electronic components, and meticulous attention to detail are essential.
Phone (+39) 051 733019
Address: Via Lunga, 27
40011 Anzola dell'Emilia (BO)
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