Technical Sector

Emilplastica has strong experience in different technological fields such as the construction, electromechanical and automotive sectors in Anzola dell'Emilia.

Technical Sector

Our production relies on cutting-edge molding rubbers and techno polymers from the latest generation. These materials ensure impeccable physical-mechanical performance and superior thermal resistance, maintaining consistently high-quality standards. At Emilplastica, we collaborate on both client-supplied molds and projects that are conceived on paper.

Commitment to Quality
Our commitment to research and the continual improvement of production quality is underpinned by a well-structured internal management system for production processes.

Custom Plastic Production

Emilplastica boasts over thirty years of experience in various technological sectors. Based in Anzola dell'Emilia, we specialize in manufacturing plastic products for a wide range of industries, including:

As an intermediary for the automotive market, we use injection molding to produce a diverse array of articles and car components, with or without the insertion of additional supports. Our automotive product line includes valves, cable entries, bushings, and elements for both cabin and engine components for Fiat and Piaggio Group vehicles.

Construction Industry
We manufacture gaskets, supports, washers under the head, and rubber sealants tailored to meet industry specifications.

Nautical Sector
Our offerings for the nautical sector encompass gears and locks, meeting the stringent demands of this industry.

Emilplastica specializes in producing supports for photoelectric cells, cable entries, photoelement holders, and more. Additionally, we manufacture wheels, gears, and casings, often
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